No matter what you do for a living you can get hurt at work.

The injury can occur in an instant or over time through the everyday repetitive physical tasks required for your job (lifting, typing etc.). Workplace accidents are much more common than people realize and can cause victims and their families extreme financial hardship. When you are unable to work, you loose the ability to pay bills like your mortgage, car payments or even grocery bills. Once a work related injury has been reported, the claim goes to your employer’s insurance company. Insurance companies are in business to make money, so it is in their best interests to pay out as little as possibly on each claim. Unfortunately many legitimate claims are denied simply because the employee did not proceed correctly. Therefore, to preserve your rights after you get hurt at work, Brady & Kunz should be your first phone call.

At Brady & Kunz our Workers Compensation team is led by Tom Kunz, who has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Certified Workers Compensation Law Attorney for over 15 years. Furthermore, he was among the first attorneys granted this certification in New Jersey. To qualify for certification a lawyer must:

• Fulfill ongoing continuing legal education requirements
• Demonstrate substantial involvement in this specialty practice area of the law
• Demonstrate a substantial level of experience in workers compensation law
• Be favorably evaluated by other attorneys and judges familiar with his or work
• Take and pass a written examination in workers compensation law every 5 years

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to weed out the workers compensation experts from the ones who just claim experience in the field. This is a highly specialized field and print ads and other advertisements are often more flash than substance. As a consumer doing your homework is essential, and while it might take some extra effort to find the right attorney for you, it can have a huge impact on your case. Having a Certified Workers Compensation Attorney like Tom Kunz on your side is a powerful tool in fighting the insurance companies, protecting your rights and making sure you get the financial compensation you deserve.

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